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We are more connected as a society today than ever before in history, highlighting the importance for organizations in the Technology & Communication industry to identify and retain innovative, forward-thinking leaders into roles where they can develop and executive creative business strategies that keep up with this evolving industry and accelerate their growth.

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The Technology & Communications industry has and will continue to undergo dramatic changes to its composition with the development and adoption of new technologies.

From multibillion dollar, publicly traded Software corporations to privately held, multibillion dollar Telecommunications companies, we've completed many successful executive search engagements in the industry.

Coupling this fact with our professional experiences working on the operational side of core business functions to the industry, we've developed a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be successful in the Technology & Communications industry and are able to quickly identify and engage high-quality professionals.

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Bob Lento

Former President

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"Satterfield Renzenbrink Associates has been my premier recruiting partner over the last few decades. They've supported the successful rebuild of our Marketing & Sales teams, with their work at the SVP and VP levels being particularly outstanding. I believe their decades of senior-level operational experience provide them with a competitive advantage and the perspective required to identify and retain high-caliber talent."


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