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As innovation continues to evolve our modern technologies and products, it is critical for organizations in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry to identify, acquire and retain creative, strategic professionals into leadership roles within their organizations where they can position them for long-term success and produce accelerated growth results.

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The Healthcare & Life Sciences industry provides the critical goods and services required to support the ongoing health and safety of our growing populations.

From multibillion dollar, publicly traded Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals corporations to innovative, private equity backed Healthcare Services companies, we've completed many successful executive search engagements in the industry.

Coupling this fact with our professional experiences working on the operational side of core business functions, we've developed a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be successful in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry and are able to quickly identify and engage high-quality professionals from those experiences.

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Chris Hessler

Executive Chairman
Linkwell Health

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"Satterfield Renzenbrink Associates not only does an excellent job with the specific searches we have hired them to conduct, but also proactively looks deeper into the organization to assess both short-term and long-term organizational needs. They are a true partner and a great asset to building a first class team."


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